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Course Rationale

This course provides an overview of the United States' social, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual history from the Civil War/Reconstruction era to the present. United States History II delves into the eras of industrialization, immigration, world wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and the post-Cold War. American culture, religion, civil and human rights, technological change, economic change, immigration and migration, urbanisation and suburbanization, federal government expansion, and the study of U.S. foreign policy are some of the topics that may be covered in United States History II. If you face difficulties while understanding this coursework then you can say us to do my hist 1302 online class for me.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

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Texas Core Objectives

The College defines the necessary knowledge and skills that students must acquire during their college experience. The Texas Core Objectives for Student Learning are paralleled by these general education competencies. The activities in this course will allow you to put two or more of the following core competencies into practice:

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Required Course Materials

VIDEOS REQUIRED: You will be watching the Transforming America series. These videos are an essential component of this course and must be carefully viewed if you want to maximise your learning experience and respond to the appropriate Discussion Board Assignments. Students can access the video programmes, which are divided into "Lessons," for free via the eCampus course site. Simply navigate to the relevant Unit of Study's "Video Lessons" folder and play the individually embedded videos. If you are having trouble viewing the videos, please contact Technical Support and notify your professor. These videos can also be found on DVD at the Brookhaven College Library.

TEXTBOOK REQUIRED: There is only one textbook required for this course.
Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty! An American History (Volume 2). Seagull 5th Edition. W.W.Norton & Company, Inc., 2016. ISBN # 978-0-393-61565-4

Please keep in mind that you are not required to buy an ebook version of the textbook or to use the publisher's InQuizitive testing system. It should be noted that a student at this institution is under no obligation to purchase a textbook from a university-affiliated bookstore. An independent retailer, including an online retailer, may also sell the same textbook. If you are not so familiar with this pattern of study then you can take our expert' help and ask them to take my United States History II HIST 1302 class, they will manage everything for you. 

Course Format

This course will be divided into four units as follows:

Unit I: The Gilded Age and Creation of an American Empire

Unit II: Home Fronts, Front Lines, and the Costs of Empire

Unit III: A Nation and World at War

Unit IV: Modern America

Summary of Graded Work

Online Discussions (4) 100 total points (@ 25 points each)
PDA Essays (4) 100 total points (@ 50 points each)
Video Library Responses (4) 100 total points (@ 25 points each)
Chapter Exams (4) 200 points
Extra Credit ? points
Total Possible Points 700 points

Final Course Grades

Semester grades will be assigned according to a 500 possible point scale with any Extra Credit added to your final point total Points.

Percentages Letter Grade

700 - 630 (90-100% A)
629 - 560  (80-89% B)
559 - 490 (70-79% C)
489 - 420 (60-69% D)
419 - 0  

Online Discussions

Participate in five (4) online discussions that will be posted on the course "Discussion Board" in the relevant Assignments section for any given unit of study. The four Unit Discussion posts are each worth 25 points, for a total of 100 points for the semester. The discussions are intended to help you understand the larger themes of each of the four units we will be covering, and they must be completed by the Unit Deadlines. The idea behind these assignments is that, in addition to providing your professor with an indication of your overall understanding of the unit of study, your classmates will benefit from reading your observations and arguments. As a result, it is critical that you post your responses as soon as possible.

Late submissions will be penalised heavily based on how far they are from their respective deadlines. I will post a discussion forum prompt for each Unit Discussion, and each student is required to respond in writing and follow the stated guidelines.

For each unit discussion, your grade will be based on your initial post and a mandatory response to at least one classmate's post in response to a specific prompt. Each Discussion Board has a scoring rubric that you can view to learn how your submission is evaluated and your assignment grade is determined. Because I read all of the threads and respond to some of them via private e-mail and, in some cases, the public forum, the idea is that this discussion is for the entire class - so please complete them by their respective deadlines. Never forget that you are not alone in this journey whenever you require just ping us, even you can ask us to provide help with SHBXWHS001 apply safe hygiene, health and work practice. 


For each of the four Units, you must submit ONE Primary Document Analysis (PDA) essay (four papers total). The documents that could be used for these papers will be posted in the PDA Essay section of each Unit Assignment page. You must choose a single document from those provided for each PDA. The papers are due by the respective Unit Deadlines for Units I-III and will be submitted in the appropriate location within the eCampus course site (and processed through SafeAssign to ensure the integrity of your work). This semester, each of the four required essays is worth 50 points, for a total of 200 possible points.

Each PDA has its own scoring rubric that you can use to understand how your submission is evaluated and your assignment grade is determined. The formatting and citation requirements for these assignments can be found in both the Orientation Section and the PDA Essay section of an individual Units Assignments Page accessible via the course homepage's menu. Grammar and spelling will undoubtedly be taken into account when grading your paper. Cite any sources you use in your paper (for example, a book, an article, a website, etc.). Failure to do so may result in a plagiarism charge, which can have far-reaching consequences beyond simply failing the assignment. Plagiarism can also result in failing the entire course, being placed on academic probation, and, in some cases, being expelled from college. If you have any questions, please contact the professor before submitting your work. If you want to submit plagiarism free work then you can say us to take my online coursework for me. 

Textbook Chapter Exams

Students will take scheduled multiple-choice exams based upon the “Key Terms” highlighted throughout each of the thirteen chapters we will cover in the Textbook (Chapters 15-28). The Chapter Exams will be divided into their appropriate Units of study as outlined in this syllabus and elsewhere. Students will take these exams online through the appropriate Unit Assignments page on the eCampus course site. Each exam will include 15 questions per chapter worth one (1) point each. The total possible points for all 14 Exams is 210 points. You will have 30 minutes to answer each chapter for a total of 15 questions. The deadlines for all the Chapter Exams within a given unit of study will be stated in the WEEK-BY-WEEK SCHEDULE. Please be aware that the Chapter Exams will not be made available past their respective deadlines and will not be reopened for any students under any circumstances.

Study Tips

The Textbook provides an overview of the historical periods covered in this course. The Video Lessons contain visual and narrative information, as well as an analysis of significant historical developments by some of the country's top professors. These videos will, in many ways, serve as a replacement for traditional classroom lectures.
The following study plan will increase your chances of success in this course:

So these are some effective tips to study.

Grading Expectations

Students should expect written work (discussion board posts and PDA essays) for each of the four units to be graded and posted in the grade book with the appropriate scored rubric and any relevant comments within two weeks of a Unit Deadline. Students should expect their written work to be graded and scored rubrics for flex-term (shorter length) courses, with any relevant comments posted prior to the next Unit Deadline. If circumstances prevent me from meeting this goal, please keep an eye out for an announcement outlining a revised grading timeline. In case, you fail to fulfil their grading expectations then you can ask us to take my online exam for me and obtain the best score.

Late Work and Make-Up Policy

All assignments will be available during the first week of the course. This should give you plenty of time to complete any Unit's assignments. In extreme cases, arrangements can be made for an extension ONLY on the Online Discussion and PDA assignments, with late penalties for Units I-III. THE DEADLINES FOR THE CHAPTER QUIZZES AND ALL UNIT IV ASSIGNMENTS, ON THE OTHER HAND, CAN NOT BE EXTENDED.

Other course policies include

Important Information for Students Receiving Financial Aid Please be aware that if you do not participate in the course after the Withdrawal Deadline, you will be assigned a "N" instead of a "F," which can have serious consequences for your eligibility for Financial Aid now and in the future. Non-Participation will be determined for this course if a student FAILS to submit ALL Unit IV Assignments (including the Course Final) by the final course deadline.

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