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  • Online Grades Update

    You do not have to login all the time to check your grades. Our online class helper keep you posted about the weekly grades, grade on midterm and endterm exams and quizzes.

  • Flexible Payment Structure

    It is difficult to pay all the amount upfront, hence we customize payment plans for our clients as per their comfort. You can opt upto 5 instalments for your online class taking fee. It is paid at regular intervals before we finish your class.

  • No AI Generated Content or Plagiarism

    We ensure that your work is free from plagiarism as it is a no tolerance policy at most of the universities in the USA. Hence, we ensure all your submissions are screened through Plagiarism detection tool, before turned in.

  • Real People Real Support

    You do not want to talk to a robot when your weekly submission is due. Hence, we only hire real people to provide you with the required suppot for online class help.

  • US Based Online Class Helpers

    We only hire professional online class helpers with prior experience in online tests, quiz and exams. Hence, our acceptance rate stands at 3% only.

  • 100% Refund Policy

    If your grade is not what we have committed, you are eligible to get a full refund. No questions asked. There only had 0.2% cases where client grade was not as desired, which speaks volume about our quality.

Previous Completed Classes Shows What We Deliver

Maintaining a top rating on online platforms with paid reviews is not what we do. We have delivered great results to our clients with more than 95% clients with A. We have 90% Client retention rate because of our results.

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There are 100s of website to hire an online class helper, but we are a legitimate USA based company. With our assistance you can secure a top grade and keep your GPA near 4.0


  •   98% of our client Scored A/B
  •   Muliple Payment Method (All Cards, Apple Pay)
  •   Instant SMS/Call/WhatsApp Support
  •   100% Refund Guaranteed


  •   No Guaranteed Grade
  •   Promoting Payment Methods like Cashapp/Venemo
  •   Poor Support After You Pay
  •   No Guaranteed Refunds

Whom should I pay to do my homework?

I Want To Hire Someone To Do My Homework

You are probably searching for someone to help you do your homework. This is why you are reading this page. Takemyonlineclassesforme.com is one of the leading online class help service providers in the USA, however, we have a great team to assist you with your homework as well. If you are not sure where to find the best online tutors for homework help, we are a one-stop solution for you.

A few questions you may have in your mind are

  • Who will do my homework?
  • What is the cost I have to pay to get my homework done?
  • Is it legit for you to do my homework or will I get caught?
  • What are the payment conditions and process for online assistance?
  • Can you do my homework for me for all kinds of subjects?

All your questions are answered in order to help you understand how the homework writing services work. We have been a pioneer in taking online classes. but as you know our quality of service is reflected in other work we do. So read below before you hire someone to do your homework.

Who Are Our Online Experts To Whom You Can Say, Do My Homework For Me?

You do not want a college graduate to do your homework, since you can never be sure about the quality or grade. Neither you want people from countries where English isn't the first language. This is how we pick our pool of experts for online homework help. Our experts are based out in the USA and either work with prestigious companies across the USA or are enrolled in a PhD and hold good expertise in a specific area of study. We onboard experts only after a difficult hiring process, which is listed below:

  • We take a subject-specific exam for the experts where the passing result is 85% or more. 
  • We evaluate experts on their knowledge of academic writing such as formatting of the homework, reference quality and writing quality.
  • We only hire native experts from the USA, since our payments are as per the USA labour laws.
  • Our experts are located across the USA. The locations are California, New York, San Jose, Texas and many more.

These are a few basic checks towards the hiring process of our experts. Moreover, we keep filtering our homework helpers based on your feedback. Our AI Based rating engine, keeps learning from the end user's input rating and prioritizes the expert based on the ratings and indications. We do your homework with utmost care.

How Much Should I Pay Someone To Do My Homework?

It is hard to manage all your expenses and living when you are a student. Hence, we being a top online homework aggregator only take away a small portion of the payment as commission and help you get your homework done with the expert of your choice. When we do your homework, you pay as per the expert you select along with the services. 

  • If you decide to choose an expert for the master level, the base price starts from $10 per page. 
  • If you select an expert for bachelor-level writing, the price starts from $9 per page.
  • For programming homework, the price may vary depending on the difficulty level of the work to be done. Usually, experts charge a starting price of $30 to do your programming homework.
  • For homework related to math, science and other subjects, the price may be $4 to $20 per problem based on the level fo difficulty and deadline.

If you are still not clear about the pricing, you can simply send your homework and get a price quote from our support team within 3 minutes. Our support response time is the fastest in the industry.

Is Do My Homework a legit service?

Students asking us to do their homework has flourished in the last few years and we receive around 200 inquiries per day for online homework assistance. However, you can only establish the legitimacy of online services by reading the reviews, talking to the support team and interacting with the expert. Your university will penalize you if you are not following the academic integrity as given below:

  • You should not be submitting the work as it is. It should be used as a unique sample solution to your homework.
  • You should always read and understand what is written in the homework or how a problem has been solved. If your professor asks a few questions and you are unable to answer, it automatically puts you in a red zone.
  • Always do your homework using our sample reference solution to get the most out of our work.
  • Do not plagiarize as Turnitin and similar software will trace the resource you used to write the solution.

As long as you stick to academic protocols, do my homework is a legit service just like online tutoring. 

How should I pay you to do my homework for me?

We rely on encrypted and safe payment platforms to process your payment. Also, you need to understand how the payment works for do my homework service. 

  • Once you finalize the price, you can choose to make payment in two equal halves. In case of bigger payments, you can decide to opt for more than two instalments.
  • We only use a direct bank transfer or 256-bit encrypted payment gateway from the USA. 
  • As soon as you make a payment, it goes into our escrow account for the tutor assigned to do your homework.
  • You get the solution draft to review and make a final payment of the next instalment based on the progress.
  • We release payment to the experts immediately after the work is approved.

We can help you with all subjects

You can ask us to do your homework for more than 200 subjects, but there are a few subjects we do homework frequently are given below:

  • Math - Math homework is the most sought-after service on our platform. Be it taking online math classes or solving your math homework. we have the best online helpers. Our student's success rate for math homework is more than 99%.
  • Physics - We can do your physics homework for you until college level. We have experts to handle various areas of physics including optics, mechanics fluid mechanics etc.
  • Chemistry - We can help you with the topics from various beginners and advanced areas of chemistry. If you want us to do your homework for organic chemistry, physical chemistry or inorganic chemistry, feel free to reach out to us. 
  • Statistics - Stats homework is one of our strongest areas just like math. If you plan to take a statistics class and do not feel comfortable, we help you complete the credits. Our statistics expert will do your homework in no time.
  • Computer science - Any programming homework related to Algorithms, data structures, Python programming, and R programming can be done on our platform. We provide a well-commented code.
  • Accounting and Finance - You can ask for Accounting homework or finance homework from our online experts.

We at Takemyonlineclassesforme put your work as a top priority and helping you score a top grade has been our motto. With our homework writing assistance, you can compete with your peers and stay at the top of your class. Our experts are based in the USA and you don't have to worry about missing deadlines due to poor time-zone communication. 

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