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We assist more than 100 students a week asking us take online classes for them. Hence, we have compiled the frequently asked questions and here is an overview to get answers to your queries. You can talk to our online chat support for further clarification about the same.

Who are my class helpers?

Your online class helpers are the native US professionals who have been assisting students with their online classes, courseworks, quizzes and essays. Your online class taker holds expertise in your chosen area and a PhD or Master from the top university in the United States.

What is the refund policy if you fail on my class?

We have complete refund policy listed on our website. However, you are eligible to ask for a complete refund in case we fail to submit the online class deliverables. Moreover, there are certain conditions where you can ask for partial refund as well. Please read our complete refund policy here.

Do you provide plagiarism free submissions?

Yes, we know safeassign and Turnitin are integrated in most of the online classes and we make sure the work you get is original. Hence, we use Turnitin premium before submitting work to your online class for grading.

Can you take my online class from my home country?

If you are from the United States, we can arrange a tutor in your area. In case you are based outside US, we can arrange a tutor on special request. However, we can also take you online class using VPN services.

Our online class help service has received 98.2% positive feedback from the students purusing online coursework across the US.

Are you able to take classes for all kind of courses?

Our area of expertise is with Accounting, Finance, Nursing, Management, Engineeing, Math, Physics, Chemisty and many more courses. All you need to do is share your class details and we have an online class helper for the same.

What is the payment for taking my online class for me?

The payment is a subjective criteria for the online class as different coursewoks have varying difficulty level. Hence, we cannot inform about the price without checking the class. To give you an idea a 6-8 weeks class with 2-3 submissions every week cost within a range of $400-$700.

Can I pay on weekly basis to avail your online class help service?

Yes, we are flexible with our payment plans and you can pay for online class help in parts. You can either divide overall coursewok payment into multiple instalments or you can pay 50% at the start of the course and remaining in the second last week of your class.

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