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Need Help With SHBXWHS001 Apply Safe Hygiene, Health and Work Practice? 

Being the largest academic services provider, we at takemyonlineclassesforme are able to provide you with a guaranteed high grade on every single one of your exams if you allow us to take my online class. We have been doing this for many years now and are the best in the business. If you’re having a hard time with discussion boards on any learning management system, feel free to contact us and we can definitely help you out. Whether you need help with your online exam or any online course, we are here for you. SHBXWHS001 Apply Safe Hygiene, Health and Work Practice is one of the courses where students seek our help. This is the course offered by Chisholm Institute, Australia. If you are also pursuing this course and need any kind of help then contact us. But before that let us explain to you about this course in detail.

SHBXWHS001 Chisholm Institute Course Introduction

This learner and assessment guide is designed to present a clear pathway of your learning and assessment journey for the associated unit/s. The schedule summary outlines the planned time frame and assessment points and is further described in the Schedule Overview. All relevant information such as resources required, planned activities and assessment tasks are included. If additional support is required please refer to your course guide for further information or contact your teacher.

The table below describes the planned learning progression and assessment schedule of your course.
• X indicates the planned start duration and finish period for each of your units.
• Critical assessments for your unit/s is indicated using the following assessment key.

Keywords: T-Test/Quiz, PR Project, O Observation

Schedule Summary - Full Time

SHBXWHS001 Apply for safe hygiene, health and work 


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  X X X X X X T






Schedule Summary - Apprentice

SHBXWHS001 Apply safe hygiene, health and work 


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  X X X X X X







Schedule Overview



Learning Performance Assessment
1-2 1-2

101H.02 WEB BOOK 






102H.01 Microbiology
102H.01 WEB BOOK 

Following this lesson, you'll be able to:
Explain the importance of ergonomics and 
how it affects a salon professional’s job 
>> Identify common causes of neck and back 
pain and ways to prevent it
>> State common causes of foot and leg 
problems and ways to prevent them
>> Compare common causes of hand and 
wrist problems and ways to prevent them
>> Cite common causes of shoulder strain and 
ways to prevent it

>> Define the types and classifications of 
bacteria and viruses
>> Identify the growth and reproduction 
patterns of bacteria and viruses
>> Explain the difference between bacteria 
and viruses
>> Give examples of external parasites that 
would prevent offering salon services
>> Describe the reason behind using universal 
precautions in the salon
>> Classify the two basic ways the body fights 


3-4 3-4

102H.02 WEB BOOK

102H.03 WEB BOOK

102H.04 WEB BOOK

Following this lesson, you’ll be able to:
>> Identify the differences between cleaning, 
disinfection and sterilisation
>> Explain the cleaning method for nonporous 
tools, multi-use supplies and equipment
>> Describe the correct procedure for 
exposure to blood
>> Summarise the purpose of sterilisation 
>> Offer examples of infection control 
procedures used in the salon
>> State first-aid techniques for bleeding and 
>> Identify first-aid techniques for chemical 
and heat or electrical burns
>> Describe first-aid techniques for choking

>> Explain first-aid techniques for fainting
>> Summarise first-aid techniques for eye 
>> Define major terms related to principles of 
>> Describe direct current and alternating 
>> Compare an electrical overload with an 
electrical short circuit
>> Explain safety measures that are related to 

5-6 5-6

102H.05 WEB BOOK

102H.08 WEB BOOK

Following this lesson, you’ll be able to:
>> Identify the responsibilities of employees 
and employers for maintaining a safe 
>> Describe common workplace hazards and 
>> Assess the likelihood, and consequences, of 
common risks
>> Discuss emergency evacuation procedures
>> Identify primary and secondary lesions
>> Offer examples of pigmentation 
>> Describe disorders of the sebaceous and 
sudoriferous glands
>> Summarise common skin infections
7 7      AT1 Online Test/Quiz AT1 Online Test/Quiz
8 8   AT2 & AT3 Commence Online Project
Part A & B
AT4 Commence Observation
Assessments x 6
AT2 & AT3 Commence Project 
Part A & B
AT4 Observation checklists
9 9   AT2 & AT3 Online Project Part A & B
AT4 Observation Assessments
AT2 & AT3 Complete Project 
Part A & B
AT4 Observation checklists
10 10   AT4 Observation Assessments AT4 Complete Observation 
Assessment x 6

Required Learning Materials and Resources 

In order to gain competency in the topic, each student will be required to use and practise the following learning resources. Practical assignments may necessitate the purchase of specific items by the student; however, Chisholm Institute will provide additional resources. Furthermore, if you need help learning a concept or are unable to complete online classes on your own, you can ask our experts to do my online class for me for the course SHBXWHS001. Also, you can take help for other courses such as CWV101- Christian worldview, HIST 1307, etc.

The resources required to complete the learning and evaluation assignments, as well as what the student should bring to each session, are detailed below.

Learning Resources  Materials Required 


Hairdressing/Barbering workstation with mirror, adjustable chair, blow 
dryer, chisels, client gowns/wraps, professional styling and finishing 
products, operator trolley with scissors, shears, blades, combs/brushes 
and clips, disinfectant and cleaning products and organisational policies 
and procedures. 

Hair/Barbering Kit

Digital resources

Computer with internet access
Wifi / internet connection 
Moodle tasks, quizzes and activities 
Online videos/clips

Wifi-enabled device


Demonstrations, Online videos/clips



Finished hair designs



Pivot Point Workbooks/assignment tasks 


SHBXWHS001 Chisholm Institute Course Assessments (Fulltime)

Assessments Fulltime and Apprentice

The assessments that follow will be used to gather evidence of the knowledge and skills you've gained as a result of your Learning Program. You must demonstrate your ability to perform to the appropriate workplace standard, as outlined in the assessment task criteria listed below:

Assessment Tasks FT Week of Assessment
AT1 Test/Quiz Week 7
AT2 Project Part A Week 8 - 9
AT3 Project Part B Week 8 - 9
AT4 Observation Week 8-10

Assessment Instructions for the SHBXWHS001 Apply Safe Hygiene, Health, and Work Practice Course

Read all assessment instructions below to ensure you are clear and fully understand the requirements as outlined in each task.

Before a judgement of competency can be given, a learner must complete the requirements for all assessment tasks specified in order to gain competence in the unit/s. If competency is not attained, your examiner will provide feedback and, if necessary, seek additional proof.

The following is some general information regarding the assessment methods utilised in this unit:

So, those are the instructions for your online SHBXWHS001 Apply Safe Hygiene, Health, and Work Practice course. To pass your course with good grades, you must follow every single instruction. However, if you are unable to meet the requirements for any reason, you can always contact us without hesitation for prompt assistance or say us to take my online class for me.

Facilities and Risk Control Plan

All assessment tasks must be completed in appropriate settings, with appropriate working equipment and facilities, in accordance with all applicable legislation, policies, and procedures.

The items listed below are supported by federal, state, or local government legislation and define the location of organisational policies and procedures outlining safe work practices for all learning and assessment activities.

Description of item Organisational Process 
Student induction QMS106
Practical Placements QMS109
Emergency Management QMS401
First Aid QMS402
Hazard Management QMS405
Manual Handling QMS408
Electrical Safety QMS413
Workplace inspections QMS418
Work environment QMS422


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