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Course Description: COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers

COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers will help you understand the overview of computer systems. It is inclusive of hardware, operating systems, the Internet, and application software including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation graphics, and databases. Moreover, certain current topics such as the effect of computers on society, and the history and use of computers in business, education, and other interdisciplinary settings are also studied. This course is not intended to count toward a student's major field of study in business or computer science. In case of any complexity with the course, you can use for assistance. 

Learning Outcomes: COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers

Listed below are some of the major outcomes of the course COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers that you can attain once you complete the course. Moreover, you can also look into other subjects such as Introduction to Administration of Justice if you want to attain some other skills as well. These courses are short-term. Hence, you can study as many as you desire. Now, let us discuss some of the apparent learning outcomes of the subject. It will help you: 

Lab Objectives: COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers

COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers is a course that you can learn as much as you practice it. It requires practical knowledge. Hence, this course is inclusive of various lab activities. Now, let us read about the objectives of all these lab activities. In case of any complexity, you can always ask for help with COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers course online from professional experts

Software Labs


Windows 10

Identify window parts: title bar, toolbar, menu bar, status bar, taskbar; Manage windows: move, resize, scroll, open/close, min/max; Manage files/folders: create, rename, copy, delete, move, find, and sort; Identify paths; Compress/extract files, and Use Help


Code a document with HTML tags to create a web page that includes: formatted text, images, hyperlinks, and headings; Use Help

Word- Basic

Create, save, and print documents. Format and edit documents, Use templates, grammar and spelling checkers, wizards, and find/replace; Use Help

Word- Intermediate

Insert formatted tables, Insert and format clip art with text, create columns, WordArt, and Insert hyperlinks

Word- Advanced

Perform mail merge and save as a web page

Excel- Basic

Create, save and print a workbook; Enter text, formulas, functions and numbers; Create, format and print charts; Manage worksheets: insert, delete, rename, move; and Use Help

Excel- Intermediate

Use relative and absolute references; Format worksheets; Work with Styles; Define, apply, remove, copy cells, and save a worksheet as a web page

Excel- Advanced

Create, modify and format charts; and Insert Auto shapes

PPT- Advanced

Customizing themes and styles, applying a transition, animation, timing, sound and/or video to slides, and working with tables.


Identify input, output, and processing items in a program Modify and run a program; Compare the output to test data

Access- Basic

Create, open, copy, rename and close a database; Create, modify simple tables; Create, sort simple queries; Create, preview simple reports; Backup, restore database; Set field properties

Access- Intermediate

Define relationships among tables; Create, modify multi-table queries, Perform calculations

Access- Advanced

Designing, creating, and using Forms and Reports

Concept Objectives: COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers

Now, let us read about the concept objectives or the objectives behind the chapters in the course. Also, take my COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers class online for a better understanding of the chapters. 

Chapter 1 What is a Computer? 

Explain the Functions of a Computer, Describe the Evolution of Computer Hardware, Describe How Computers Represent Data Using Binary Code, List the Various Types and Characteristics of Personal Computers, Give Examples of Other Personal Computing Devices, List the Various Types and Characteristics of Multiuser Computers, Explain the Ubiquitous Computing and Convergence. 

Chapter 2 Application Software 

Identify Types and Uses of Business Productivity Software, Identify Types and Uses of Personal Software, Assess a Computer System for Software Compatibility, Compare Various Ways of Obtaining Software, Discuss the Importance of Cloud Computing, Install, Uninstall, and Update Software 

Chapter 3 File Management

Create Folders to Organize Files, Explain the Importance of File Extensions, Explain the Importance of Backing Up Files, Demonstrate How to Compress Files, Use Advanced Search Options to Locate Files, and Change the Default Program Associated with a File Type. 

Chapter 4 Hardware 

Explain the Functions of a CPU, Identify the Parts of a System Unit and Motherboard, Compare Storage Devices, List and Describe Common Input Devices, List and Describe Essential Video and Audio Output Devices, Compare Various Types of Printers, and Explain and Provide Examples of Adaptive Technology, Discuss Communication Devices 

Chapter 5 System Software 

System software and kinds of operating systems, OS role in Providing user interaction, Managing the processor, Managing memory, Managing hardware, Interacting with application software, Starting the computer, Desktop and windows features and the OS role in keeping desktop organized, and Utility programs 

Chapter 6 Digital Devices and Multimedia 

Explain the Features of Digital Cameras, Compare Methods for Transferring Images from a Digital Camera, Identify Several Ways to Edit and Print Photos, Recognize Important Audio File Types, Describe Several Ways to Create Videos, and Compare Portable Media Players, Tablets, and Smartphones 

Chapter 7 The Internet 

Recognize the Importance of the Internet, Compare Types of Internet Connections, Compare Popular Web Browsers, Demonstrate How to Navigate the Web, and Discuss How to Evaluate the Credibility of Information Found on the Web. Also, do not forget to make the right use of the internet and ask experts to take my online exam. In this way, you can attain a better understanding of the subject. 

Chapter 8 Communication and Sharing, the Social Web 

Compare Different Forms of Synchronous Online Communication, Compare Different Forms of Asynchronous Online Communication, Discuss the Impact of Social Media in Society, Locate User Generated Content in the form of a Blog or Podcast, Discuss How Wikis and Other Social Media Sites Rely on the Wisdom of the Crowd, Explain the Influence of Social Media on E-commerce, Compare Social Media and Other Online Technologies Used in Business 

Chapter 9 Networking and Communications 

Networking fundamentals, Network architecture, and Network components, Peer-to-peer networks and Ethernet networks, Computer threats, Computer viruses, and Computer safeguards 

Chapter 10 Security and Privacy 

Cybercrimes, Identity Theft, Detecting and Preventing Viruses, Understanding Hackers, Restricting Access to Your Digital Assets, Managing Online Annoyances, Keeping Your Data Safe, Social Engineering, and Protecting Your Physical Computing Assets. 

Chapter 11 Databases 

Databases and their uses, Types of databases, Relational databases, Information systems, Database components, Database management systems, Data warehouses and data marts, and Data mining 

Chapter 12 Program Development

System development life cycle and Life cycle of a program, Problem statement and Algorithms, Moving from algorithm to code to machine language, testing programs and completing a program, most popular programming languages


COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers

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Expert Assistance for COSC 1301 – Introduction to Computers 

As you can see, COSC 1301- Introduction to Computers can be complex at times due to the number of chapters and lab activities. Moreover, during the course, you might face situations where you will get to solve quizzes and mock tests. In such a case you can ask our experts to take my online quiz or to help you with quizzes and mock tests. Our website has experts who can help you with any kind of academic requirement. We are just a call or email away. 


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