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Course Description: 220-02A Introduction to Administration of Justice

220-02A Introduction to Administration of Justice is a multidisciplinary study of corrections from the early 1800’s to the present. Moreover, it is inclusive of significant studies relating to the role of corrections and the methods of community treatment and analysis of current models and practices. This course focuses on the roles of corrections for offenders and society. It starts with a historical and philosophical view of the development of corrections (post-adjudication processing of criminal offenders) focusing on adult offenders. Later topics include administrative and operational components of corrections, criminals in confinement, post-adjudication procedures and problems, and community corrections. In case of any complexity of the course and subject, you can always seek the right assistance from We have experts for your every need who can help you with quizzes, mock tests, online classes, online exams, etc. as per your need. 

Learning Outcome: 220-02A Introduction to Administration of Justice

Given below is the list of certain outcomes that you can attain once you are done with the course. These outcomes would be very helpful for your career and personal skills and knowledge. Similarly, there are many other subjects and courses like Research Methods in Administration of Justice, Introduction to Computers, Administration of Juvenile Justice, etc. with which you can attain good knowledge and make the best use of it in your personal and professional lives. Now, let us read about some of the outcomes of the course. Moreover, it is wise to seek help with 220-02A Introduction to Administration of Justice course online in case you find yourself in trouble.

Do not forget to seek assistance from the experts because nothing should stop you from learning in the best way possible.

Assignments and Grade Distribution: 220-02A Introduction to Administration of Justice

Now, let us discuss the significant part of the course, the assignments and the grades. These two are said to be the crucial element of any course as it helps the professors in evaluating your performance throughout the course. Moreover, in case of any complexity, you should ask professional experts for help so that you can attain good grades as well as the right subject knowledge. Given below is a table that would help you understand the assignments and grade distribution. 

Discussion Board

Answer Weekly Discussion Board Questions (You are expected to respond to at least one of your classmate’s posts in the Discussion Board for every assignment.)

30% of the total grade

Written Assignments

Answer Weekly Chapter Assignments (Answer each question in an essay format)

40% of the total grade


Answer All Quiz Questions Weekly

30% of the total grade

Mid Term


0% of the total grade



0% of the total grade




Course Schedule: 220-02A Introduction to Administration of Justice

After grade distribution, let us understand the course schedule of 220-02A Introduction to Administration of Justice. Moreover, as we have mentioned earlier you can always ask experts to take my 220-02A Introduction to Administration of Justice class and also ask them to take my online exam. This is a great way of learning things apart from your regular course. Moreover, in such a way you can keep a check on your learnings and skills development and later work on the loopholes. Now, mentioned below is the course schedule. 



Chapter 1: Early History of Punishment and the Development of Prisons in the United States

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 2: Ideological and Theoretical Underpinnings to Sentencing and Correctional Policy

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 3: Correctional Law and Legal Liabilities

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 4: Jail and Detention Facilities

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 5: Probation

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 6: Intermediate Sanctions

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 7: Facility Design to Meet Security and Programming Needs

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board



Chapter 8: Classification and Custody Levels

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 9: Prison Subculture and Prison Gang Influence

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 10: Immigration Detention Centres

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 11: Female Offenders in Correctional Systems

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 12: Specialized Inmate Populations

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

Chapter 13: Juvenile Correctional Systems

Assignment, Quiz and Discussion Board

220-02A Introduction to Administration of Justice

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