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  • Online Grades Update

    You do not have to login all the time to check your grades. Our online class helper keep you posted about the weekly grades, grade on midterm and endterm exams and quizzes.

  • Flexible Payment Structure

    It is difficult to pay all the amount upfront, hence we customize payment plans for our clients as per their comfort. You can opt upto 5 instalments for your online class taking fee. It is paid at regular intervals before we finish your class.

  • No AI Generated Content or Plagiarism

    We ensure that your work is free from plagiarism as it is a no tolerance policy at most of the universities in the USA. Hence, we ensure all your submissions are screened through Plagiarism detection tool, before turned in.

  • Real People Real Support

    You do not want to talk to a robot when your weekly submission is due. Hence, we only hire real people to provide you with the required suppot for online class help.

  • US Based Online Class Helpers

    We only hire professional online class helpers with prior experience in online tests, quiz and exams. Hence, our acceptance rate stands at 3% only.

  • 100% Refund Policy

    If your grade is not what we have committed, you are eligible to get a full refund. No questions asked. There only had 0.2% cases where client grade was not as desired, which speaks volume about our quality.

Previous Completed Classes Shows What We Deliver

Maintaining a top rating on online platforms with paid reviews is not what we do. We have delivered great results to our clients with more than 95% clients with A. We have 90% Client retention rate because of our results.

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There are 100s of website to hire an online class helper, but we are a legitimate USA based company. With our assistance you can secure a top grade and keep your GPA near 4.0


  •   98% of our client Scored A/B
  •   Muliple Payment Method (All Cards, Apple Pay)
  •   Instant SMS/Call/WhatsApp Support
  •   100% Refund Guaranteed


  •   No Guaranteed Grade
  •   Promoting Payment Methods like Cashapp/Venemo
  •   Poor Support After You Pay
  •   No Guaranteed Refunds

Take My Midterm And Final Exam For Me

Midterm exam or final exam, both are equally important for an online coursework. You can never flunk your midterm or final exam for the best grade. TakeMyOnlineClassForMe  has hired the best online class takers to help you do midterm and final exam. Either you can take a session about how to take the midterm and final exam or you can hire an online class helper to give your midterm and final exam for you.

Importance of midterm and final exam in an online class

You probably have understood the importance of exams in your life. Starting from the school until college you are always busy giving exams. In case of online classes, midterm and final exams hold major grade percentage and your sucess in a coursework is completely dependent on your score on the midterm anf dinal exam.

 Midterm exam is typically 15% of overall grade and final exam is 20% of overall grade. So your 35% of grade is at risk if you do not pay attention to midterm and final exam. You can either spend time reading all the coursework material posted on the website or you can hire an online class helper to take your midterm or final exam. 

Chose best online class help company to take your final exam

There are more than 100 websites on first 10 pages of Google claimining best online class helping websites. However, is there any criteria you can zero down the best website to help you with your final exams? Here are a few points to help you pick the best website for taking online classes for you.

  • Check the website compatibility on different platforms. If the website doesn't work on your laptop or mobile, how can you rely someone to be committed to the service? Isn't it?
  • Check the refund policy, terms and condition and review of the website you plan to hire for your final exam. In case you do not find the clear information ,we strongly recommend to stay away.
  • See who are the online class taking experts working with the website, their profiles and previous reviews. If you find someone good, there is no harm in going ahead.
  • Talk to the support and clarify you questions. If they are willing to answer all your questions, you can trust the website with your final exam.

Takemyonlineclassesforme.com checks all the points above and many other that are not listed. Hence, there is no reason for you to look somewhere else for your online class homework.

Takemyonlineclassesforme.com cover entire class for you along with midterm and final exams

Our online service is not just limited to taking midterm and final exams for you. We cover a wider range of services as listed below

  • Online class help - We can take your online class starting from week 1 and keep it doing until the final exam is submitted. It automatically covers both midterm and final exam that we factor in the class price we discuss with you.
  • Online coursework help - You can ask us to take my online coursework for me and we will not let you down. Our expertise with online coursework has won accolades among students from the US. We help you submit assignments, homework and essay for your online coursework with ease.
  • Quiz help  - We can do your quizzes from any university. We have special expertise with math and stats quizzes. 
  • Exam help - You can ask us to take your online exam even on the shortest deadlines. Just come to us and enquire and we will do your online exams.

We take care of all type of midterm and final exam from any university and coursework

Final exam can either be a writing assessment or MCQ. It can also be a mix of both writing and Multiple choice questions. Likewise for the midterm exam. We can help you with all form or midterm and final exam. Irrespective of your online degree program or the online coursework you are taking, feel free to ask us to take online quiz. We have hired online class helpers from variety of subjects covering, finance, accounting, math, physics, chemistry, nursing and management courses. Moreover, you can ask us to take your online classes from any university offering an online program inlcuding UoP, Ashford university, Warton business school, Aplia and my math lab exams.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to pay upfront for my midterm and final exam?

No, you do not need to pay all the amount towards your midterm and final exam. You can chose to pay 50% payment to confirm the exam and remaining 

What are the refund guarantee if you fail on my final exam?

You get 100% refund and an additional 10% credit in case we do not pass on your final exam including midterm or final.

What is the price to take my midterm and final exam for me?

Midterm exam cost is usually $100-$150 as it lasts for 90-100 minutes. However, the final exam can cost around $200 as it carries higher weight and require entire coursework revisit.


Frequently Asked Questions