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Get Help For PSYC460 Sports Psychology Course Here!

The study of how psychological factors influence sports, athletic performance, exercise, and physical activity is covered in PSYC460 Sports Psychology. You'll be better able to help clients who have hit a wall or are frustrated in their training if you have a background in sports psychology. The importance of sports psychology has grown in recent years, and many students are enrolling in this course online. PSYC460 Sports Psychology is an online course offered by the American Public University System that can help you gain a broad understanding of sports psychology. If you face difficulties while pursuing this course then you can visit Takemyonlineclassesforme.com. You can ask us to do my online class for me, we will happily do it for you and give you surety to obtain high scores.

PSYC460 Sports Psychology Course Description

Human behaviour will be studied in the context of sports and exercise. They'll realise that improving individual performance is one of sports psychology's main goals. Students will learn how to create an anxiety reduction, imagery training, and self-efficacy theories-based psychological skills training programme.

Current theoretical perspectives on personality factors in exercise and sport, why people exercise, what motivates an individual, exercise/sport adherence, stress, anxiety, and stimulation, and the psychological effects of exercise and sport will be used to investigate the psychological effects of exercise and sport. Students will learn how to set and achieve effective goals, as well as how to apply what they've learned to their own professional development.

Scope In  PSYC460 Sports Psychology Course

This course provides an introduction to sports psychology. Arousal adjustment methods, attribution, motivation, self-confidence, psychobiology, leadership, goal-setting, group processes, and social concerns in sport are all covered.
Students will gain a broad understanding of sports psychology through this course.

Although sports psychology is most commonly associated with improving athlete performance, it is important to remember that it also aims to increase athletes' enjoyment of the physical activity, both elite and recreational. As a result, students will consider exercise, a type of physical activity, and how a sports psychologist can assist a person in getting the most out of their workout.

Course Objectives

After completing this course of study, students will be able to do the following:

  • Describe typical motivational access and the fundamentals of achievement motivation to guide practise and performance.
  • Find out what causes anxiety and stress, as well as how and why arousal and anxiety-related emotions affect performance.
  • Create a course that teaches psychological skills.
  • Create a comprehensive goal-setting programme that incorporates effective goal-setting principles.
  • Explain how exercise can help with anxiety, depression, and mental health.

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Course Outline (As Per Weeks)

  • Week 1: Introduction personality factors that impact upon performance in sports settings.

Learning Objective(s): 1, 2, 3
Reading(s): Refer to Lessons for required readings
                      Lecture Notes
Additional Websites: 

  • Randall Coeshott Psychological Services for Sport, Health & Life
  • Association for Applied Sport Psychology

APA guideline information

Lecture Notes

Assignment(s): Discussion: Introduction & Personality, Quiz, APA Quiz

  • Week 2: Achievement Motivation and Attributions

Learning Objective(s): 1
Reading(s): Refer to Lessons for required readings
                    Lecture Notes

Additional Website: 

  • Extrinsic Rewards and Motivation
  • BOUNCE - How Champions are Made, Matt Syed

APA guideline information

Assignment(s): Discussion: Achievement Motivation
                           Motivation Problem Solving Work Sheet
                           Week #2 Quiz

  • Week 3: Arousal, Stress and Anxiety and Sport Environments

Learning Objective(s): 2
Reading(s): Refer to Lessons for required readings
                     Lecture Notes
Additional website: Competitive Anxiety

Assignment(s): Discussion: Arousal, Stress, & Anxiety
                            Week #3 Quiz

  • Week 4: Effective Group/team Climate

Learning Objective(s): 4

Reading(s): Refer to Lessons for required readings
                    Lecture Notes

Additional Website: Developing an Effective Team Culture

APA guideline information

Assignment(s): Discussion: Developing Group Team Identity
                         Analysis Paper Proposal
                         Week 4 Quiz

  • Week 5: Psychological Skills Training

Learning Objective(s): 3

Reading(s): Refer to Lessons for required readings, Lecture Notes

Additional website:

  • Ohio Center for Sport Psychology
  • Psychological Skills Training Critical To Athlete's Success!

Assignment(s): Discussion: Psychological Skills Training (PST)
                         Psychological Skills Training
                         Week 5 Quiz

  • Week 6: the importance of goal setting

Learning Objective(s): 4

Reading(s): Refer to Lessons for required readings
                    Lecture Notes

Additional Website:

  • The Sports Doc Minute: Goal Setting (Fall 2010)
  • Goal Setting Done Right

Assignment(s): Discussion: Goal-setting Case Study
                          Week 6 Quiz

  • Week 7: Exercise and Psychological Well-Being

Learning Objective(s): 5

Reading(s): Refer to Lessons for required readings Lecture

Additional Website:

  • Exercise and Psychological Well-Being
  • APA guideline information

Assignment(s): Discussion: Psychological Well-being
                         Justifying Exercise and Psychological Well-Being
                         Week 7 Quiz
                         Issues/Analysis paper

  • Week 8: Youth Sport and Addictive Behaviors

Learning Objective(s): 5

Reading(s): Refer to Lessons for required readings
                    Lecture Notes

Assignment(s): Discussion: Behaviors in Youth Sport
                         Submitting Issues
                          Week 8 Quiz

So, these are the week-by-week course study outlines that you must follow. This is an 8-week course that will prepare you for an online sports psychology degree. However, we can assist you in successfully completing your PSYC460 Sports Psychology course online. Furthermore, if you require assistance with the American Public University System's online ANLY699 Analytics Project course, you can purchase assistance from us.

Grading Evaluation

Please review the rubric in each assignment section for a summary of particular evaluation standards for each assignment and a discussion for the online course PSYC460 Sports Psychology.

Name Grade %
Discussions 25.00 %
Week 1: Introduction & Personality 3.13 %
Week 2: Achievement Motivation 3.13 %
Week 3: Arousal Stress & Anxiety 3.13 %
Week 4: Developing Group Team Identity 3.13 %
Week 5: Psychological Skills Training 3.13 %
Week 6: Goal-Setting 3.13 %
Week 7: Exercise and Psychological Well-Being  3.13 %
Week 8: Behaviors in Youth Sport 3.13 %


Quizzes 30.00 %
Week Three Quiz - Stress Anxiety & Arousal 3.33 %
Week Six Quiz 3.33 %
Week Five Quiz 3.33 %
Week Seven Quiz - Exercise and Wellbeing 3.33 %
Week One Quiz - Psychological makeup 3.33 %
APA Documentation 3.33 %
Week Two Quiz 3.33 %
Week Four Quiz 3.33 %
Week Eight Quiz 3.33 %
Issues Analysis paper 20.00 %
Week Seven Paper 20.00 %
Assignments 25.00 %
Week Two Assignment 8.33 %
Week Four Topic Proposal 8.33 %
Week Five Assignment 

8.33 %

Reading Materials

Book Title: Various resources from the APUS Library & the Open Web are used.

Please visit eReserve to locate the course.*



  • Writing Expectations

All written submissions must follow the APA Style (7th Edition) guidelines for font and page layout. Students should follow this method consistently and follow all APA formatting guidelines. Here are some fundamentals:

  • Typewritten in double-spaced format with a readable style (Arial or Times New Roman fonts are preferred) and submitted inside the electronic classroom as instructed by the assignment specifications, unless classroom access is not possible and alternate arrangements have been agreed upon by the professor.
  • The best font sizes are Arial or Times New Roman 12-point.
  • All sides have 1" margins (no indenting except for the first line of each paragraph)
  • APA-style in-text citations and a reference list are used throughout the document.
  • There should be no personal thoughts, sentences beginning with "I," "my," or any other first-person text in the paper.

These are papers that are scholarly or scientific in nature.

  • Citation and Reference Style

The students will adhere to the APA (7th Ed.). In written material submitted to the University as part of the coursework, format serves as the sole citation and reference style. You'll need to use the APA Format citation style if you're writing a narrative essay or a composition. Our experts are well versed with the knowledge they can help you with accurate citation and reference style as they know all the formats. Also, you can ask them for other coursework help such as Edmentum, Webassign online class, Wiley plus class, etc.

  • Assignments

Students are expected to complete the course according to the advertised class schedule and turn in classroom assignments on time.

  • You must notify the instructor ahead of time if you require additional time to complete an assignment due to illness, a family emergency, or an unscheduled work detail (such as Task Orders). If professors are aware of any potential late assignments ahead of time, they may be more flexible.
  • Late assignments will be penalised up to 10% per day, and will not be accepted for grading seven (7) days after the due date unless prior arrangements with your instructor have been made.

Please note: After the seventh day of Week 8, no late work submissions of any type will be accepted. To be eligible for credit, all work must be submitted before the last official date of the class.

  • Discussion

On the third day of each week, at 11:59 p.m. EST, the first Discussion Post is due.

For the Initial Post, late point deductions will be applied if:

  • If your discussion is one day late, you will lose 10% of your total points.
  • If your discussion is two or more days late, you will lose 20% of your points.
  • If you are more than two days late, you may face a 50% penalty.
  • Initial Discussions posted after the week has ended (after Sunday) will earn a zero (the conversation has ended, and you will not be credited for your participation).
  • If you do not respond to your instructor's question(s) before Sunday, you could lose up to 10% of your grade.

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