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An Easy to Use Assistance for History 304 US Women’s History

Course Description: History 304 US Women’s History 

History 304 US Women’s History is a course that talks about the social, economic, and political themes in the United States Women’s History from pre-European contact through the twenty-first century. Moreover, it emphasised the diversity of women and issues of class, race, national origin, activism, work, and the role of motherhood are discussed in the course.  Furthermore, citizenship and the status of women in relationship to the government will be discussed and analysed.  
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Learning Outcome of History 304 US Women’s History 

There are a number of benefits you can attain while studying US Women’s History. However, by the end of the course you will be able to: 

  • Evaluate primary and secondary sources.
  • Understand and use gender as a system of analysis and consider ways women’s history contributes to and alters our understanding of American history.
  • Identify and discuss factors that contribute to the social construction of gender by place and change over time.
  • Examine the diversity of women and identify common experiences.
  • Use primary sources to identify and discuss the significance of the goals, strategies, and results of social movements.
  • Analyse conflict and coalition among women activists from different backgrounds.

There will come many challenges but you should always keep a check on the topics you have understood. Continuous revision is the key to a successful academic life. You can obtain help with the History 304 US Women’s History course Online and ask the experts to take my online exam. This will help you to check your knowledge about the subject and would also inform you about the topics you need to study better. We wish you good luck with the course. 

Grade Distribution in History 304 US Women’s History Course 

Given below are the details on how grades are distributed in the course of History 304 US Women’s History. 
Exercises and Discussions:      60%
Tests:                 20%
5-7 Page Essay:         20%
If you are willing to figure your grade on individual assignments, take the number of points you received and divide by the number of total points possible.  The percentage translates into SUNY-Canton’s 4- point scale as follows:   
100 – 94 = A        75 – 70 = C
93 – 88 = B+        69 – 65 = D+    
87 – 82 = B        64 – 61 = D
81 – 76 = C+        60 and below = F
Your focus should always be on obtaining the best grades. In order to do so, you can seek help from professional experts. They can help you with the assignments, papers, quizzes, etc. to obtain the best possible grade and acquire complete knowledge of the subject. 

Assignments in History 304 US Women’s History Course 

Throughout the course, you will find exercises in each of the modules. Moreover, you will be provided with specific instructions in order to complete your assignments relevantly on time. In addition to this, students who draw from outside sources (sources not assigned for the class) and/or fail to provide citations that identify source and specific page numbers will automatically receive a zero for a grade. Furthermore, you are required to submit your assignments any time up to the due date. You are required to stay up to date with the course and subjects. The assignments are as follows: 
Module 1:  1.1: Introduction (Required) and 1.2 Race and Gender in Early America
Module 2:  Women’s Lives in Colonial America
Module 3:  Women, Revolution, and Rights
Module 4:  Womanhood and Inequality
Module 5:  Expansion, Reform, and Civil War
Module 6:  Woman Suffrage and Emancipation
Exercise 1:  Using Sources (Short Answer)
Exercise 2:  Primary Source Analysis (Short Answer)
Test 1 (Multiple Choice)
Module 7:  Women, Migration, and Change
Module 8:  Progressive Era Activism
Module 9:  Prosperity, Depression, and War
Module 10: Beyond the Feminine Mystique
Module 11:  Modern Feminism and American Society
Module 12:  Backlash, 3rd Wave, and Women’s Activism
Test 2 (Multiple Choice)
Essay: The final assignment for this course will be a 5–7-page essay based on course readings and resources. Please see the assignment guidelines in the Assessment 2 folder for more detailed information. Also, read about MA 095 Introductory Algebra

Late Policy for Course History 304 US Women’s History

We are in a time where our lives are uncertain these days. So, in case you fail to complete your assignments on time, you can always contact the management and let them know about the situation. Moreover, you would be getting two free discussions during your course. Hence, you can use the breaks wisely. Furthermore, always make sure to back up you’re writing while working. Do not wait until the last few minutes to submit an assignment. Please review the submission instructions for each assignment as soon as they are available. In case of any question or trouble, you can seek expert help from us. Moreover, do not forget to ask exerts to take my online quiz to keep a check on the level of academic advancement in terms of knowledge and skills. Furthermore, you are not supposed to cheat or submit plagiarized work. Any student involved in academic dishonesty will receive a 0 for their course grade and risk possible expulsion from the university.

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