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A Budget Friendly Art History A Course Adept Assistance

Introduction to Art History A

This is Art History A. This course will help you in understanding the depth of Art and you would be able to explore the endeavours of early civilizations. In the initial stage of the course, you would be able to look into some of the basic elements and principles of art. Moreover, you would also get to read about the role of art in human history and cultural development. Additionally, Art History A lets you think that art interacts with human sensory perception and produces a particular effect. Also, this course helps you read about other factors affecting the interpretation of art. Hence, when you acknowledge the basis of the fundamental foundation in art theory, you can easily examine Art History from its earliest manifestations in the early history to the ancient Egyptian civilization. While pursuing the course, if you face any academic trouble then you can seek assistance from takemyonlineclassforme.com. Here the experts would help you with top-notch academic assistance without any delay. Moreover, we guarantee you a hassle-free experience. 

Art History A: Course Directions and Tips 

Art History A course has some content that has been added to the online lessons. Hence, the style and format of the lessons are unique and different from any other ordinary course. Moreover, the online lessons are inclusive of some key vocabulary that can be understood easily just by mousing over such terms. Moreover, you will find some sidebar information in multiple lessons. Art History A online lessons are interesting as many of its lessons have movie clips. It is said to be integral and helps you understand the concept better. Furthermore, the intention behind adding these web resources and movies is to enhance the supplement lessons. Please use discretion when completing the certain internet-based activity. Also, you are required to complete all the tests and quizzes in a very thoughtful manner. 
As there are some online lessons in the course, some websites can ask you to create an account and provide some personal information. Therefore, you are requested to review the terms and conditions of any such website. In case you need any help with Art History A course online, you can always reach out to our professional experts. We are here to help you to complete your course without any problem. Moreover, we are just a call, email, or SMS away from amazing academic support. 

Art History A: Grading and Units 

Suggested Grading: Graded 
Credits: 0.5

  1. Journey Through Ancient Art History
  2. Art at the Start: Early Civilization
  3. Egypt: Art on the Nile
  4. Final Review and Exam 

Unit. 1: Journey Through Ancient Art History

Unit Summary 

Unit 1, Journey through ancient art history of course Art History A provides a foundation of the elements and principles of art to students. Moreover, it also helps students to overcome the confusion about what they should look for while exploring various works of art. The creation of art is a significant part of life as it helps students to express themselves in a unique manner. Moreover, it provides students with the opportunity to seek new ways so they can convey their feelings and thoughts to others. Furthermore, art is a good mind opener towards the dissimilarities and similarities among societies and cultures.

As far as learning about the dissimilarities and similarities among societies and cultures is concerned, studying LGBTQ Lives and Literature would help you understand how and what objections and challenges were faced by LGBTQ themes throughout history. 


  • The student will learn why art is important.
  • The student will learn what art reveals about cultures.
  • The student will learn how art affects people.


  • What You Will Learn
  • Beginning the Journey
  • Elements of Art
  • The Principles of Art 

Unit. 2: Art at the Start: Early Civilization 

Prehistoric Expression and Early Art and Architecture of the Fertile Crescent 

This unit talks about prehistoric art. Alongside, it also tells us about the art and architecture of the civilizations of the fertile crescent. According to the historians, all the work of art is said to be of prehistoric time which means all of it was produced 5,000 years ago. This is the case with the works you will study in this unit. However, it is important to note that not all societies and cultures developed at the same time in history. In addition to this, students will get to study the Sumerians in this unit. Sumerians were the ones responsible for the first forms of writing, law, a complex economy, singular expressions of art and architecture, and irrigation methods. It is believed that the visual arts of the Sumerians were highly influential. Also, their legacy continued in the cultures that followed the neo-Babylonians, Assyrians, and the Babylonians.


  • Prehistoric Expression: Making Pictures
  • Prehistoric Expression: Stone Monoliths
  • Fertile Crescent: Sumerian Art and Architecture
  • Fertile Crescent: Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian Art
  • Art History A Midterm Project

Unit. 3: Egypt: Art on the Nile 

Undoubtedly, we all have images of ancient Egypt encrypted in our imagination. We have always praised the great tressures Egypt has provided to the world in the form of the Sphinx, the pyramids, etc. Moreover, all of us can easily recognise all these things instantly. In this particular unit, you will get to know more about the history and geography of ancient Egypt. Furthermore, it will help you in building a foundation of knowledge with an overview of the ancient art and architecture of this great and extraordinary civilization through the old, middle, and new kingdoms.
Moreover, if you face any issue with any of the above-mentioned units, you can seek expert help and ask them to take my online quiz. The experts at Take My Online Class for Me would help you understand all these units in detail including all the lessons. Hence, you can always learn from here and ask the experts to take my art history class. This will help you in keeping a check on things you have learned and fulfil the required loopholes in the learning.


  • An Oasis of Art: Geography and History
  • An Oasis of Art: Art Written in Stone
  • A Grand New Egypt: Monuments to a Grand Egypt
  • Grand New Egypt: King Tut and the New Kingdom

Unit. 4: Final Review and Exam 

Final review and exam, this unit will provide you with an opportunity to prepare for and take the final exam. This is a comprehensive examination that will help you to organize notes in the order of the course outline before you begin to review. Using the test-taking strategies that you have previously learned can help you be successful with both objective and essay questions. However, in case of difficulties, you always have experts from whom you can seek help to take my online exam. They will help you in understanding all the useful tips and strategies to ace your examination.


  • Art History A: Final Review
  • Art History A: Final


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