Tips to stay motivated to take your online classes


Doing online studies become increasingly popular. Many universities in the US such as UMASS, State University Florida, etc providing online courses in various disciplines. However, it is vital that you should know how to stay motivated in order to complete your studies. There are so many perks of doing online studies that can help you further. Online courses are a perfect option for busy people who have multiple demands on their time. This distance learning course is the best for those who are working or have other responsibilities. But, with no need to go to university for lectures, it could be easy to get distracted and caught up in everyday life for finding the motivation to study can sometimes not easy. Most of the time students get distracted in other activities and fail to complete the online coursework. So, in this article, we will talk about the tips to stay motivated to take my online class.

Why online classes get boring?

So, first, we need to understand that why students get easily bored with online classes. Many faculty who teach online classes are dissatisfied with the quality of online classes as they believe that discussion or classes doing face-to-face are more effective and interesting. So below are a couple of reasons why students easily get bored of online classes:

Information gap

When you do face-to-face studies then you can easily share your information. Like if you have information, or I’ll ask you for the information you’ll then provide it to me. But this type of activity doesn’t work well online, in fact, it shorts the discussion. Online classes tools are tailored for more broad discussion, which many instructors find more challenging to expedite and even students find it boring.

No proper interaction with all

In a class, there are generally 30-40 students, in which you’d most likely find that a core group of 5-10 people that actually do most of the talking and discussion. The other 20-25 people are mostly silent. In this way, the majority of your students don’t get actually much from it and thus it becomes boring and challenging at the same time for them.

The presenter is not ideal

Sometimes the smartest people are not the best who can present them online. There is a difference in presenting online and offline. Verbose or monotone presenters can quickly lose an audience. 

Tips to stay motivated to take your online classes

The flexibility of an online learning environment allows learners to develop some new skills. Also, further their education, regardless of where they live. However, due to so many benefits and pros, there are some cons and difficulties for students and faculty in conducting online classes and online exams. It is essential for the teachers and for students as well to make their online classes interesting. So below are the tips to motivated to take your online classes. 


Go for realistic goals

The very first thing you have to do is to set your goals. Daring and big goals are great, but you have to keep in mind that it should be realistic, or you can risk disappointment. It would be great if you first set the short and realistic goals, like complete a chapter of required reading or writing an outline for an assignment. Once you’ll complete these goals you’ be more motivated to keep going. When you set your goals, just keep in mind your strengths, in this way you can easily set the best goals for yourself.

Think about the reason for studying through online classes

You have maybe your own reasons to enrolled yourself for online courses. Maybe you want a good job or preparing for a new career field, or want to learn to earn a credential, such as a certificate or programs. You might learn valuable new information that will intensify your career prospects, or learn to think more critically. Whenever you think about the reason you will feel more motivated and feel happy to know how this course will help you to move on to the next phase of your life or career.

Become social and interactive

Studying online can be boring at some point in time. As you don’t see any of your instructor or your classmates like you see every day in your traditional classroom. You can easily help your self by the bridge the gap by an interacting session with your friends and instructor by other online modes to stay motivated.

Stay Positive

Getting behind or feeling overwhelmed can cause stress which can fell you demotivated. By staying positive, you will definitely help yourself by keeping going when you want to procrastinate in an assignment or don’t feel to logging to attend a lecture. If you try to stay positive through your online sessions, then it will make your life much easier and better. 

Take short breaks

It is important that you take breaks after each session of your online learning. You need to give yourself a breather every now and then so that you can be energized and focused when it’s time to study. Manage your schedule in a way that can help you to take breaks in between. Knowing that you can enjoy a movie or chill with your friends, or will play your favorite video game help you to be more focused and motivated to keep going and to finish more quickly.

How to take study breaks?

We are discussing ways through which you can grow interest in your online class and taking breaks is a good trick. However, breaks must be taken in a disciplined manner. Students often complaint they fail to keep a bar on their breaks. It is true.
Sometimes our small breaks gets stretched to long hours and we realize it when it is too late to do anything but regret.
So, we thought why not tell the right way of taking study breaks. If you are as excited to know as we are to share these tips, go through the below mentioned points.

Is online learning better than traditional classes?

Check how you are using time

Before moving ahead, make sure that your actual study in being used efficiently. As kids we all have pretended to study with open books on table and reminiscing favourite animo. This childhood trick should not be a part of your study routine.
Study when you are supposed to study. Don’t daydream, face time with friends, use your Instragram in your study time. If you want to know whether you are wasting study time or not, here is something you can do:

  • Use smart flashcards: You can find many on the web. They help to meter the study session aptly. Also, such flashcards keep a track of learning process via solid metrics and goals.
  • Set your own goals: Think of something you want or need to finish within your allocated study session. Be it a 15 minute goal or a 1 hour goal, commit to it. Don’t leave your goals halfway.

Do’s in an ideal study break

  • Stick to the schedule strictly. Not a second more! This means if your break ends at 10:15, you should be back to your books by 10:16. Never stretch your breaks.
  • Eat or munch on something: In breaks of 1 hour, cook yourself something healthy. You can even munch on dry fruits or seasonal fruits if you don’t feel hungry. They key is to have a real meal. Eat and relax.
  • Read something interesting: Instead of binge watching Netflix or any other OTT platform, go for reading. You would not realize how much it can improve your concentration. Read anything that interests you: A magazine, or a comic, newspaper or anything you want.
  • Exercise (if you want to stay active): Don’t follow myths that exercise should be done either in morning or in the evening. Nothing will go wrong if you will do a mild stretching session with an empty belly in the noon as well. If you feel like doing it, go ahead. Exercising will stimulate your brain and make your study time effective than before.

So, these are the tips to stay motivated to take your online classes. If you feel difficult in making an assignment or writing your homework then you can easily ask experts for assistance. I hope this article helped you.

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