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The University of Phoenix is a non-profit university. Its headquarter is situated in Phoenix in Arizona. The University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher learning commission. This University was established by John D. Murphy and John Sperling. In 1989, the University of Phoenix started online learning programs. The University of Phoenix offers more than 100 courses at bachelor’s master’s, associate and doctoral levels. Hence, it has become popular among students for online classes. They can access it from anywhere to do my online class. Moreover, the courses are widely accepted by the companies when you sit for an interview.

Students who are looking forward to an online degree from University of Phoenix should go through this blog. I have provided great insights into the online courses offered by the University of Phoenix. This blog will help you make your own decisions, however we are not connected to UoP anyhow. This is a non-sponsored blog post for the students seeking admissions to UoP.

Online courses offered by the university of phoenix

There are a number of courses provided by the university of phoenix. However, some of the highly recommended courses along with course code and other details.

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature

In this program students will study the following things:

  • Literature and composition
  • Expository, persuasive, narrative and descriptive writing
  • Major literary genres, authors and forms
  • Critical thinking, analysis, collaboration and communication

Duration: 4 years

Credits: 120

Some of the important course codes

  • ENG235
  • ENG240
  • ENG250
  • ENG260
  • ENG265
  • ENG270
  • ENG280
  • ENG295
  • ENG480
  • LIT235

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Career opportunities after BA in English literature

An online degree from University of Phoenix in English literature at bachelor’s level can provide versatile job opportunities to students. They can be a part of different industries and organization where students can demonstrate English skills and help in the organization’s growth. Moreover, you can become a writer and work for various magazines, new and ad agencies. UoP also has english classes for the international students to help them keep up with the course structure and challenges.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Students can take an online degree from University of Phoenix in Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. This program offers a strong foundation for the criminal justice field. Hence, students get to learn leadership qualities that further help them in handling administrative responsibilities in criminal courts.

In this program, you will be studying:

  • Criminal procedure elements
  • How to fight with organised crimes
  • Issues related to juvenile arrest, sentencing and incarceration.
  • The relationships between crime and justice, ethics and cultural diversity

Duration: 4 years

Credits: 120

Some of the important course codes

  • CJA315
  • CJA325
  • CJA33
  • CJA345
  • CJA355
  • CJA365
  • CJA375
  • CJA385
  • CJA484
  • CJS211

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Job opportunities after completion of this course

After doing this course students can work as,

  • Detective sergeant
  • Police sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Loss prevention manager

You get an opportunity to work with the regular college students who probably invested a fortune for their education. However, you complete your online degree at an affordable cost. All thanks to online classes and their affordable cost.

Bachelor of Science in Health Administration

If you want to make your career in the business side of health care this course is for you. Here you will learn the following things:

  • Evaluation of risk and quality management practices that will help the patients.
  • Communication with different healthcare environments.
  • Challenges faced by healthcare communities.

Duration: 4 years

Credits: 120

Some of the important course codes

  • HCS120
  • HCS131
  • HCS235
  • HCS305
  • HCS325
  • HCS335
  • HCS341
  • HCS370

Job opportunities after the completion of this course

After getting an online degree from University of Phoenix of Bachelor of Science in Health Administration you can pursue career in the following roles:

  • Health manager
  • Office manager (GM)
  • Practice administrator
  • Program manager

Master of Science in Psychology

Master’s of Science in Psychology can help a student in more than one way. You will start understanding the psyche of people you interact with. In this course you will gain the following things:

  • Identification of cultural and social problems in psychology.
  • Data analysis and interpretation of various psychological studies.
  • Application of various psychological models.

Duration: 17 months

Credits: 39

Some of the important course codes

  • PSYCH600
  • PSYCH610
  • PSYCH620
  • PSYCH625
  • PSYCH630
  • PSYCH635
  • PSYCH640
  • PSYCH645
  • PSYCH650

Career opportunities after doing this course

Here are some career opportunities you can look forward to after getting an online degree from University of Phoenix for master’s of Science in Psychology.

  • Psychology instructor
  • Compliance manager
  • Regulatory affairs manager

Master of Management

Learn how to make a proper business plan. Complete a master of management online degree from University of Phoenix. You will study the following things in this course:

  • Management strategies
  • Negotiation and persuasive communication skills
  • Accounting and financial decision-making
  • Business law

Duration: 20 months

Credits: 39

Some of the important course codes

  • BUS503
  • BUS511
  • COM539
  • DAT565
  • ENT527
  • ENT586
  • ENT588
  • FIN575

Job opportunities after doing a master of management

Once you get a master degree in management you can go for the following jobs:

  • Business manager
  • General manager
  • Operations director
  • Store manager

These are some crucial degree programs one can do on an online platform from the University of phoenix. The university does have other important disciplines too in the online mode of education. You can opt for them as well as per your needs.

Master of management is one of the widely opted courses at UoP. The reason for being a rigorous curriculum focused on the industry. Furthermore, you get a chance to interact with students through discussion boards, case studies and collective group projects. One of our online class helpers quoted an incident about the education standards of UoP

UoP has a well-structured program based on the USA credit system. Being an active helper with online classes, I have seen some challenging case studies and group projects. I am glad to see the quality of education offered to the students at an affordable price.

Typical Structure of UoP Classes

You must understand how a standard class looks like. There are several submissions including midterm, discussions, final exam, final paper and group projects. UoP offers a distinct academic structure from other online classes such as DeVry, Mymathlab etc. Moreover, you get a widely accepted degree from the University of Phoenix.

UoP classes are six weeks long during which you get to work on different aspects of the course. For example, LAW531 coursework teaches you about different forms of law each week. Tort Law, employment law, property law and legal issues in the global economy are major topics under LAW531. hence, you cannot let go any single week as it is difficult to improve grades if you perform poor on any of the weeks.

Likewise, for MKT571 coursework you have to submit a marketing plan over the span of six weeks. All your class discussions and submissions are aligned with the marketing plan project to provide you with real-world insight. Hence, you need a professional outlook to meet the expectations of your MKT571 class. Else, you can hire an online class helper to take your online class.

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