How to score A on your time based online exam?


We are aware of the increase in the presence of online classes with the changes facilitated by technology. Hence, you have to take exams online to meet your class requirements. There are many students for whom taking an online exam is a new and bewildering experience. They usually don’t know how to perform, and what to expect and aren’t certain of the skills and strategies that will enable them to perform at their best.

There are many steps which are similar to those that they’d engage in as they will prepare for an in-class test. But the time-based online exam does present some kind of differences that is a bit difference of extra awareness and preparation. This blog is all about how you can score an A on your time based online exam. When you pay someone to do my online class, make sure you ask them to cover your exams as well.

How to prepare for an online exam?

It is important that you prepare well for the online exam. So below are the tips that can help you:

Read the guidelines first

It is vital that you understand the guidelines and questions first: will the test take place at a specific time and date, or you can take the online exam at any point? How you have to give your test like in your home or at any specific location? How much time is there to complete the test? You have to know every guideline and also make sure that nothing will be missed by you which is outlined by your instructor.

Know the format of exam

You should know the proper format of your exam like what kind of questions will the instructor use on the exam? Is it multiple choice questions, short Q&A, fill-in, subjective type or essay type or the combination of every type? You should know all this information then only you will be able to prepare for the best.

Test your computer

Before going for your exam it is essential that you first check your computer which you’ll use in your exam or the one in a lab, verify that it has all the correct software and hardware well in advance of the exam so that it won’t give you problem in the middle of the exam.

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Study well

If you have an “open book” exam, then also do proper study and reviews just you do in your classroom exam. There are so many good online academic help sources from where you can take the help such as JSTOR and many.

Plan your time accordingly

Planning your time in an online exam is very important as there is a limited time for every question, so you have to prepare according to that time. Decide how long you’ll going to spend your time in each question.

Decide the time for test

If there is no specific date or time for your exam, then it would be better if you go for the time which is best suitable for you like choose a time that presents the least potential for the interruption, distraction and stress and when you will be more productive and energetic.

What are the things you should focus while giving an online exam?

There are so many things which you should keep while you write an online exam. Here are the tips that can help you:

Don’t waste time

In the time-based online exam, there is a limited time for the whole exam. It would be better if you set an alarm to notify you how much time is left and how much time have completed. 

Doing this will help you if there would be any technical problem will occur. It is the best way to save your time and you can easily submit your paper if there are some issues with your computer.

Write in word Pad

The best way to do your online exam is to write your answer in the word processing program. It will help you to easily edit and check your work. Also, once you are done with your exam your writing, just do copy-paste into the designated field on your exam site.

Stuck in your test page

If you have the permission to search for the web or take help from the web or check other websites for the research or information then don’t use the same tab or copy of the browser as you do for your exam, it may lose all the work of yours So, it would be better if you go for the second copy of the browser or it may best if you go for completely different browser.

Don’t panic with the technical issues

In time-based online exams, many times there is an issue with the technical problems, if something happens with you also then don’t panic just talk to your instructor immediately and tell him the exact problem or show the error messages if there is any. It would be better if you take the screenshot of it so that you can show it to them.


Once you are done with the writing do a proofread. Proofreading helps you to eliminate all the errors from your content like spelling errors and grammatical errors from your content. Reviews the accuracy of your answers and also check if the answers are complete or not.

Click submit

Once you are fully assured that everything is complete and perfect then click the submit button. Don’t click it too many times, but if there is any problem, then try once more. If still there is a problem occur immediately call your instructor and tell them or send them the word document.

Once you are done with the exam then ask yourself how you can be better in the next exam. Think did your study strategies work? Did your plan for giving your exam online prove successful? If yes, then great but if no, then work on it for the next exam. Write down all the observations that you have noticed and kept them in mind for the next time. I hope these tips will help you with your time-based online exam.

How can you ask someone to take your online exam?

Online exams can be tricky due to the use of computer, time counter and any other technical issue preventing you from performing best. Hence, it is always useful to ask someone to assist you with online exam preparation. Here are some steps to find someone to do your online exam.

  • Share complete information about your exam, such as, timezone, date, format of exam and expected number of questions.
  • If you have any sample exam available in your online course area, find it out or ask your professor through email.
  • Breakdown the old exam paper as per the modules you have studied. It is highly likely that exam will be based on the similar questions, since professors do not change exam too often, they just change the questions value or a very few questions.
  • Be engaged with the online exam taker you have hired.

Other than the information above, you should explicitly inform the online class taker about your needs of exam. Sometimes, you need to submit written answers and upload it as a PDF file, so never miss such instructions out.

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